About Us

Rosslyn Machine Tools buy and sell all new and second-hand machinery as well as entire factories.

Rosslyn Machine Tools have started in the new machine market as a local agent for a machine importer. We have since 2005 imported our own brand, M.A.C., from reliable factories in China. Our team has visited these factories in 2007 to obtain an overview of their standards and made general suggestions regarding our local market.

Good examples of these different standards are the shearing range that we import. The QC12Y series are manufactured more for the local market and even though the shear are strong and rigged and does what it is build for, the QC11Y series are in a different class. This series is manufactured for export to the European markets and have a more complete finish and extra safety features that are required in European countries.

 Rosslyn Machine Tools try to always have stock of the vast different range of new machines that we advertise, but encourage our customers to enquire about machines in this catalogue we do not have stock of. The normal delivery time for equipment on order is between 90 and 120 days from initial order date.

We have four set orders for delivery every year and strive to increase our variety with ever delivery received. Rosslyn Machine Tools have a very good backup service on our machines and have a lot of trade references should you need to put your mind at ease.

If you have unneeded equipment that you want sell, please mail us your complete list and if possible photos. We will try to make you a proposition that you cannot decline. If we can't help you we will try and get a customer for you. Rosslyn Machine Tools are a registered member of UMTMA (Used machine tools merchants association of South Africa).