Miller TIG/MIG/STICK/PULSE welding machine

Miller TIG/MIG/STICK/PULSE welding machine

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Pretoria, South Africa

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The XMT 350 MPa is portable and versatile for applications from jobsites to the factory floor. Built-in pulse programs for manufacturing and fabrication applications that have benefits for standard steels, high-strength steels and aluminum.


XMT 350 MPa expands the process capability of the XMT Series, with built-in Pulsed MIG operation. MPa stands for MIG, Pulse, advanced arc control. The advanced arc control provides:

Improved pulsed MIG welding

More control over the puddle and weld bead using SharpArc

More robust and stable arc at very low arc lengths

Reduces heat input

Welds on a wider range of material thicknesses

Sharp Arc on the XMT 350 MPa:

Can handle virtually any welding job, including those hard-to-weld alloys found at power generation plants and shipbuilding facilities

A low setting gives a more fluid puddle and a flatter bead appearance

A high setting gives a less fluid puddle and a ropier bead appearance

Can be adjusted to help customize the arc for the type of shielding gas being used

Additional features

Auto-Line Power Management technology allows for any input voltage hook-up (208-575V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Ideal solution for dirty or unreliable input power

350 amps of welding output at 60% duty cycle enables improved deposition through using larger diameter electrodes common in construction applications

Available with Dinse or Tweco-style output connectors

Power factor of .95 enables smaller fuses/breakers and primary wiring. Primary amperage draw at rated output is 25% less than the competition

Exceptional electrical efficiency. At 400 amps, efficiency is 87.24%, this helps to reduce the utility bill or fuel supply required to weld

Inverter arc control technology provides greater puddle control for superior 6010 Stick electrode performance

Auto Remote Sense enables unit to automatically use remote control if connected to remote control receptacle

Reduced OCV operation - an internal dip switch enables reduced open-circuit voltage Stick welding capability. OCV is typically below 15 volts

Process selector switch reduces the number of control setup combinations without reducing any features

Large, dual digital meters are easy to view and presettable to ease setting weld output

Lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum case offers protection with the benefit of reduced weight

Wind Tunnel Technology™ Internal air flow that protects electrical components and PC boards from dirt, dust, debris... greatly improving reliability

LVC Line Voltage Compensation Keeps output of the power source constant regardless of fluctuation in input power ± 10%

Fan-On-Demand Internal power source cooling system that only works when needed, keeping internal components cleaner

Adaptive Hot Start for Stick Automatically increases output amperage at the start of a weld should the start require it and prevents the electrode from sticking and creating an inclusion

Lift-Arc Simply touch the tungsten to the work piece and the arc is initiated instantly and automatically without the use of high frequency

Optional 115 VAC auxiliary power provides 10 amps of circuit-breaker-protected power for water circulators, etc


ModelXMT 350 MPa
Stock Number00045
Voltage Range in CV Mode:10V to 38V
Amperage Range in CC Mode:5A to 425A
Rated Output 380V:3 Ph: 350 A at 34 VDC, 60% duty cycle
Rated Output 230V:1 Ph: 300 A at 32 VDC, 60% duty cycle