MAC Mechanical Iron worker

MAC Mechanical Iron worker

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Motor - 1440 rpm This info is to best of our knowledge, but is not binding in detail..


Shearing - flat bar30mm x 355mm
Shearing - alternative20mm x 600mm
Shearing - length of blade610mm
Shearing - rake angle of blade8 degrees
Section cutting - diameter of round55mm
Section cutting - diameter of square65mm
Section cutting - type of channel28mm
Section cutting - type of joist28mm
Section cutting - equal angle cutting at 90 degrees180mm x 16mm
Notching - thickness16mm
Notching - width57mm
Notching - depth100mm
Punching hole - thickness26mm
Punching hole - max diameter38mm
Punching hole - working pressure1400 Kn
Punching hole - gap depth600mm
Punching hole - max strength80mm
Punching hole - no of travel6 times/mix
Tensile stroke (full stroke)450 Kn/mm
Motor - typeY160L-6
Motor - power11Kw
Overall dimensions - length2680mm
Overall dimensions - width1040mm
Overall dimensions - height2300mm