MAC Heavy-Duty Universal Milling Machine

MAC Heavy-Duty Universal Milling Machine

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Spindle taperISO40
Number of spindle speed11steps(V) 12 steps(H)
Downfeeds of spindle35-1600rpm(V); 40-1300rpm(H)
Head movement360 degree
Size of table1370X360mm
T-slot number & size3-18-80
Max weight of workpiece300kgs
Distance from main spindle end surface to table150-550MM
Distance from center of horizontal spindle to table0-400mm
Distance from main spindle center to column0-500mm
Longitudinal of travel1000mm
Cross travel300mm
Vertical travel400mm
Overarm travel500(mm)
Feeding range of longitudinal, cross travel(8 setp) 22-555mm/min (fast 1080mm/min)
Auto-feeding of z axis560mm/min
Slide of kneeRectangle
Slide of columnRectangle
Motor for repaid device of table (xy)750W
Motor for vertical device of table (z)1100W
Main motor3KW
Overall dimension2220X1660X2020mm)